Dr. Marlene Wachter

Attorney-at-law & Partner

Marlene Wachter primarily advises and represents employers in all aspects of labour law. She supports our clients primarily by clarifying the legal framework and structuring options and draws up the contracts and declarations required in the employment relationship. In addition to representing clients in court, Marlene Wachter also has many years of experience in (out-of-court) settlements of disputes and supports our clients in challenging conflict or negotiation situations. Marlene Wachter also manages our office in St.Johann/Kitzbühel, where she deals with civil and commercial law issues.

Marlene Wachter regularly writes specialist articles on labour law topics and is active as a lecturer in this field. She is a lecturer at the Medical University of Innsbruck, where she is also a member of the arbitration committee.

During her law studies at the University of Innsbruck, Marlene Wachter worked as a student assistant in public law. Before joining our law firm, she was a research assistant at the international research group “Restatement of European Insurance Law” for several years.