Modern legal advice for start-ups

We put your startup on a legally sound basis.

With, CHG is launching its own platform for legal advice specifically for startups and technology companies in Austria.

Especially at the beginning of entrepreneurial activity, it is essential to protect yourself against risks and create the conditions for sustainable growth. offers the necessary legal advice: This begins even before the company is founded (Is our business model permissible? Which legal form should we choose? How do we protect our business idea?) and ongoing advice (What do we need to consider when hiring employees? What should be in the general terms and conditions? What sales contracts do we need?) and ideally ends as a unicorn with the successful exit (Do we as founders still remain active as managing directors?) or the entry of an investor into the start-up (What control/co-determination rights should the investor receive?).


  • quick / immediate availability for questions
  • simple and understandable explanations
  • pragmatic, reliable and competent
  • well-connected in the start-up scene
  • multi-channel contact option
  • fair prices and full cost transparency

We are Your Partners and support you on an ongoing basis.

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